Who am I

My name is Cailean Denny (also known as Cai) Im in my mid 20;s and enjoying life, Im born in England but moved within a year to Stockholm, Sweden which has since then been my country of residence, Im currently living in Australia since February 2010.

I have always been intrested in design, everything from the page layout to interior design but I never explored my creativity fully, this was changed when i bought my first DSLR that I discovered the world of DSLR photographing and found new ways to fully express my creativity.

I bought my first semi-system camera 3 years ago but the lack of manual settings and poor picture quality compared to a DSLR made me finally, after 1 year of going thru a couple of semi-system cameras, buy my first DSLR. It was like litturally opening a whole new book of new ways to take pictures, my first DSLR was the Sony a200 which in May 2010 was replaced by the Sony a550 which i use with the Sony DT 16-80mm F3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss lens. I also have the kit lens and a tamron 70-300mm lens but they are hardly used do to the high quality pictures that the Carl Zeiss lens makes which was a huge leap forward in quality from using the kit lens. Besides the lenses I own a Manfrotto tripod and the Sony HVL-F42AM Flash which can used wirelessly with the camera without any extra accessories to make some intressting effects.

Thats about it, hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to post a comment and rate the pictures and if you would be interested of a picture email me on; cai@hotmail.se.



            Cailean Denny

2 Responses to Who am I

  1. Hi, Cai.
    Stockhom is a fantastic city.

  2. asian_h8er says:

    quite amatuer photos, composition is poor, i think you need to learn the fundamentals of composition and good exposure! they are quite obviously over manipulated with software! i hope you didn’t choose photography as a career path!!

    nice scarf by the way.. totally gay!!

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